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Connecting with the World

At Steady steps Nursery and Pre-school, we aim to provide our children with rich and meaningful experiences that stimulates them to ask questions. It is important to us that they make connections and recognise the ways in which we have similarities and differences. Working with other professionals can provide us with opportunities to open the world up to our children and stimulate their natural curiosity.

Over recent years, a friend of Steady Steps, Sue Malpass who is a teacher at St Vincent College has been raising money for the ALTafawk Center in Jenin, Palestine to buy resources for young children in the Kindergarten. The children that come to the Kindergarten come from poor families and in addition to learning English the children are given a healthy meal and help with medical problems.

Over the last year we have built a Twinning Project with the Kindergarten by using technology to open up the World to our children. This matters to us because we live in increasingly diverse communities and mutual respect and tolerance are British Values embedded in our Early Years Curriculum. By connecting with the Kindergarten we can give our children the opportunity to reach out to the children In Jenin, to truly understand and recognise similarities and discuss differences in the world.

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